Survey Responses

In order to gather input from residents of Mobridge, our class conducted surveys through a community workshop, and also through this website. We received a total of 117 responses from residents, youth, and visitors of Mobridge. The surveys helped us better understand what the community values and what they imagine for the lakeside property.

Above all else, the residents said they value the lake, the people, and the small town atmosphere. It was clear that many people place a high value on the lakeside property and are anxious to see it grow and develop. The desire for more arts and entertainment was a recurring theme, as well as a better connection to Lake Oahe.

Many people said they would like more places to shop, but weren’t sure if the site was the appropriate location. Recreation facilities, access to the lake, housing, and public gathering space were some of the favored features to include. A majority of respondees said they would like an equal balance of open space and development. Pedestrian friendliness, community development, and tourism were identified as important characteristics. Many people are also highly concerned about the design, visual impact, and compatability with the rest of the community.


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