Our Thanks

Thanks to everyone in Mobridge that participated in our study of the community. Every person’s input is important and creates the backbone of this project. Everything we were able to collect and document will be considered in our upcoming analysis of the town’s people and their hopes of the future. There is still time to submit your responses to our survey via the links on this website.

We praise all of the spectacular community businesses for their generous accommodation of our needs, demands and other entertainment. We all had a memorable visit and it is in large part owed to the uniqueness of your businesses, which help to define the character of Mobridge.

Our class  has gained a deep gratitude for the many extraordinary leaders of Mobridge whom have provided everyone in our class with this very real experience that applies to the city and community issues that we all have been studying for several years. With the remainder of our semester we look forward to helping Mobridge residents establish a common vision for the city, in order to create the community and place that you all hope for.


One response to “Our Thanks

  1. consider a waterfront carnival and amusement park atmosphere to provide community involvement and excitement for all. This would be a mini boardwalk with games of skill and chance for adults and children. Size proportionate with interest.

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