Listening to Mobridge

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Survey Responses

In order to gather input from residents of Mobridge, our class conducted surveys through a community workshop, and also through this website. We received a total of 117 responses from residents, youth, and visitors of Mobridge. The surveys helped us better understand what the community values and what they imagine for the lakeside property.

Above all else, the residents said they value the lake, the people, and the small town atmosphere. It was clear that many people place a high value on the lakeside property and are anxious to see it grow and develop. The desire for more arts and entertainment was a recurring theme, as well as a better connection to Lake Oahe.

Many people said they would like more places to shop, but weren’t sure if the site was the appropriate location. Recreation facilities, access to the lake, housing, and public gathering space were some of the favored features to include. A majority of respondees said they would like an equal balance of open space and development. Pedestrian friendliness, community development, and tourism were identified as important characteristics. Many people are also highly concerned about the design, visual impact, and compatability with the rest of the community.

Our Thanks

Thanks to everyone in Mobridge that participated in our study of the community. Every person’s input is important and creates the backbone of this project. Everything we were able to collect and document will be considered in our upcoming analysis of the town’s people and their hopes of the future. There is still time to submit your responses to our survey via the links on this website.

We praise all of the spectacular community businesses for their generous accommodation of our needs, demands and other entertainment. We all had a memorable visit and it is in large part owed to the uniqueness of your businesses, which help to define the character of Mobridge.

Our class  has gained a deep gratitude for the many extraordinary leaders of Mobridge whom have provided everyone in our class with this very real experience that applies to the city and community issues that we all have been studying for several years. With the remainder of our semester we look forward to helping Mobridge residents establish a common vision for the city, in order to create the community and place that you all hope for.


Mobridge is competing for population, tourists and economic development opportunities in a world that increasingly values Quality of Place. How does Mobridge develop its river front property in such a way to create a unique attraction that will maximize its appeal?

Development must be rooted in multi-use concepts that will draw people to Mobridge. The plan should enable boaters’ access to Main Street, as well as beach access by pedestrians; it should combine public green spaces with revenue generating projects and housing; connection to State Parks should also be considered; and it must integrate with the Main Street/Hiway 12 corridor, driving traffic through the business district and encouraging further development, while not eroding existing businesses.